[REPLAY] How To Read The 2018 Waves & Stay In The Sweet Spot

How To Read The 2018 Waves & Stay In The Sweet Spot

Backed by popular demand!



We’ve decided to do this seminar again!

After numerous requests from our clients and students whom missed the earlier live event on 13 January 2018 @ Singapore, we’ve decided to make the replay of this seminar available online!


With Fire Rooster Year coming to a close, everyone has a burning question – what’s in it for me this 2018?

What should I do?

Each year, Khoon Leong uses a simple Yijing Fengshui (易经风水) strategy to help his clients to ride above the waves of the New Year & stay in the ‘Sweet Spot’, by simply using a simple Time-Space Connection System.

To be completely honest, it's not easy. And to be even more honest, only about 2% of people who know this strategy actually know how to make it work.

But it’s simple to learn, and there is basically almost nothing to lose, so if you want to give it a shot, Khoon Leong is releasing the strategies in this seminar.


Wouldn’t it be great if you could buy your CNY clothes or dye your hair in your auspicious color to attract good luck? Maybe display the Zodiac animal of the year or Fortune Cat in your house for abundant good fortune? Or listen to the old-school advice based on the Zodiac year you are born?

Unfortunately, that’s not we are about. Yijing Fengshui is really about reading the 'waves' that comes from the natural environment and how to stay in the sweet spot and benefit from it.

In the seminar, you’ll also be introduced to other core systems using the Yijing Wisdom including Yijing Prediction in making better life choices.


If you are new to our event and want a few quick reasons for not missing it, here are 5 for your consideration. 

We Show You How To Read The Next Wave

In today’s ever changing world, it is critical for you to be ahead of the curve.  It’s all about having a good feel for when the time is ripe for making a move. Learn the easy way to read the next wave using the Time-Space Connection System

We Show You How To Stay In The Sweet Spot

Every surfer knows there is a “sweet spot” with every wave. So, how do you find the sweet spot for the 2018 waves? If there isn't, how do you create one using the Micro-Conversion Strategy. 

We Show You How To Detect & Defuse 'Time Bombs'

Uncover the 'Time Bombs' that have been lurking and staying dormant in the house, waiting for the time to ignite. Defuse them before it's too late.  

We Show You How To Create The Change You Want

Find out why it's the best time now and how to empower your house to achieve focused results in career, wealth, aspirations, studies, relationships, and much more... using the Push-Pull Strategy

We Show You How To Make Better Life Choices

We all know that life's really important choices are rarely purely black-and-white. Most often they are in many shades of gray. But when indecision creeps in, when the path forward is shrouded with uncertainties, how would you decide?

See what participants say...

Best seminar attended yet! Totally practical and applicable to my every day of 2018. I feel that I'm equipped with tools to deal and maximize in all circumstances.

- Stacy Chew


Feeling great to be here, learning and to manage our choices to make the changes that I want to create. Appreciate for widening my choices of perspectives in my worlf of Yijing 易经. Thank you!

- Darren Ong


Master Yeo shared good suggestion and life improvement pointers for us to change and rectify areas of concerns. Truly inspiring and engaging topics. Good job!

- Kevin Lim


I feel that everything in life is about striking a balance. Too much of everything doesn't mean it would be good and too little of everything may not be adequate. But this seminar has opened my eyes and mind to the world of Yijing 易经 and life experiences. Thank you for a wonderful seminar.

- Ernest Koh


Grateful for sharing the notes in advance for preparations. This seminar is definitely more relevant and useful for own application. Thank you, Khoon Leong!

- Jesslyn Chng


This seminar has given me new thoughts and energies for the new year - more positive.

- Jeh Lim


Humble teacher with his generous sharing of knowledge. Double thumbs up and success always be with you.

- Linda Mae


Insightful with many life coaching gems.

- Tony Yeoh


Good overview. Very engaging session.

- Nita Ng


Interesting and informative. I have no prior Yijing knowledge but managed to follow.

- Leong Hui Jing


Wonderful summary on what to prepare for the year.

- Andrew Lim


Interesting, eager to put what is taught into actions.

- Lau Hwee Ein



Very insightful trainer. I want to learn more.

- Simon Wong


Very entertaining session, relate to the real life living environment that can be improved. Knowledge on how to prevent and enhance on the year 2018.

- Wong Hooi Kuan

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Khoon Leong YEO
Khoon Leong YEO
Founder, Life Coach, Trainer and Author

About the instructor

Yeo Khoon Leong is a dedicated Professional Life Coach and Trainer with years of extensive experience specializing in life coaching, home & business frequencies tuning (traditionally known as Fengshui) and Metaphysics training.

He has started learning Metaphysics after completing his National Service more than 20 over years ago. He was very grateful to have studied intensively under 2 great Metaphysics Masters in Singapore and that spearheaded his journey into professional Metaphysics practice and research studies.

As a MBA graduate and a former Assistant Vice President in a listed company, Khoon Leong had headed a team of executives in charge of several operations and running projects worth millions of dollars in project value. He used Metaphysics extensively in many areas of his work, ranging from project management, selecting the right date to sign contracts, people hiring, to office placement and layout.

With a strong and committed passion to fulfil a personal mission “To make a positive difference in someone’s life each day”, he decided to leave his management post to go full time into professional life coaching & training in 2012.

Over the years, he has extensive experience working with different profiles of clients (local and overseas, individual and corporate) as well as with many different types of residential and commercial properties with proven records in helping clients achieve focused results and positive changes.

In addition, Khoon Leong has conducted many courses, presented in public seminars and also invited to share at corporate talks on various Metaphysics subjects, drawing strong interests from students, local and overseas.

What's included?

11 Videos
9 Texts



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